Þe Wyldrenesse of Wyrale

Knight Queen

My latest novel is now available in paperback and ebook formats: magic and mayhem as Sir Gawain seeks the Green Knight in the Wilderness of Wirral

“All around us the wilderness of Wirral was spread out for our delectation and delight in a spectacular panorama. To the west the broad estuary and the still snow-shrouded Clwyds beyond completed the picture, although Gawain was in no mood to enjoy the view, which was understandable. Is this indeed the Green Chapel? he was asking impatiently, when we were both startled by a shrill shrieking as of the sharpening of steel on a grindstone. I think you are answered, I said. ’Tis not so much a chapel as a demon’s oratory, he muttered crossing himself, and then called out, Who’s there? I am Sir Gawain, a knight of the court of King Arthur. If you have any business with me, come out! It’s now or never!”

My new novel, Þe Wyldrenesse of Wyrale is a Rabelaisian romp through the world of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the anonymous late fourteenth century alliterative poem, seen through the eyes of the legendary magician Merlin, possibly, although the frustrated poet Bert Greene keeps wrestling the narrative away from him as he tries to find his voice, keep his sanity, and deal with his very twenty-first century problems. When the provocative young scholar Gareth Wayne arrives in the midst of Bert’s difficulties, the parallels between the Gawain poem and present reality become too obvious to be ignored. Here is magic and mayhem, sexuality and chastity, witchcraft and wordcraft, all bubbling and seething in the cauldron of imagination- but whose imagination, and to what end?

If you would like to read Þe Wyldrenesse of Wyrale here is a link to its Amazon page:

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