“Oh my prophetic soul…”

From an Amazon review…

I have just finished reading Anthropocene Park and thoroughly enjoyed it. I suppose it is a dystopian novel but it is much more humorous than that label suggests. Three distinct future “cultures” on earth come to interact but exactly how is unclear to most of them (and the reader, at first). Hints about what has happened on earth prior to this are given as the story unfolds but it still takes until the final few short chapters for the past to be fully revealed.
Throughout, the three cultures are clearly delineated by the form of their language, and, in one case, by the way it is written. When this form is first used, I began to worry that continuing with the book would be more of a mental workout than I wanted. However, a little perseverance paid off and I enjoyed the phonetic exercise: there were lots of satisfying “Aha” moments.
Another culture enabled the use of lots of Shakespearean allusions which was also fun.
All-in-All, a very good read and I have now got Nigel Timms’ Þe Wyldrenesse of Wyrale on my “must read” list.

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